Fictionnal story : Rachid, the discovery of permaculture

In order to help understanding the futur possibilities of dibber, we’re writting a few fictionnal stories on how it could be used. Please, meet Rachid!

Rachid lost his father in Egypt a few months ago. After having spent 2 years in France,he had to come back to take care of his family and the farm of his parents. He remembers about how his father used to work but at the same time also remembers that using all these pesticides made his dad pass away too early. He doesn’t want to work like he used to do and is looking for other ways. His little sister, Racha, who’s always connected to the internet but is also very concerned about the future of the family, is looking for answers there. One day she found a forum post about a new web application that helps small farmers to connect to each other and share information called dibber.

She talks about it to his big brother who decides to try it right after dinner. Racha is very excited as she looks at the screen where her brother is using dibber for the 1st time. When he was in France, Rachid had a colleague who talked to him about permaculture. He doesn’t remember the details much but the general impression he had about it was very good. From what he could remember, it is practices that were respectful of the earth, the human beings and the life in general. Out of curiosity he starts searching that term in dibber and end up finding an interesting experiment in Jordania called Greening the desert.

He connects with them and discovers on their page a very nice representation of their place divided into almost concentric zones. Each of them having a different purpose and have the living area in the center of them. “That makes so much sense!” Rachid says. “Look, Racha, the 1st zone closest to the living area is where they put things that require the most attention. And the larger and farther the zone, the less things that are on it requires human presence!”. Very intrigued, he starts to ask questions to Nadia who’s one of the pioneers there.

Image credit: Permaculture Science

After a few exchanges and after having looked at how they do things – especially concerning water retention – Rachid decides to also start an experiment of permaculture in his farm. Since then he found a lot of other “permaculters” on dibber and learnt a lot from them. He also put everything he does publicly available on dibber so others will learn from him the same way he learns from others. He’s also trying to convince other neighbors to give permaculture a chance but didn’t have much chance yet. What he doesn’t know though, is that most of them secretly look at what he does on dibber and are, in fact, impressed by his work.

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