dibber’s global view with lean canvas

I know it’s been a while since i last updated you with how dibber is doing. I’ve been focusing on the developing side again and it’s not that easy to be interesting while talking about super technical stuff ! The good news is that i now have a stable base of code that will allow me to build more specific things related to what dibber will allow you to do.

But before that, i’m going to have to be more precise and concise on what problems dibber aims to solve and how. Not long ago i discovered a way that fits the project to organize my thoughts around that aspect. It’s called lean canvas and i thought it would be a good idea to make one and share it publicly.

You may find it at this address and i encourage you to read this summary if you’re a bit lost at first. As the whole process to create dibber is open, i highly encourage you to give me some feedback on this first attempt. I’m going to use it as a part of dibber’s presentation that i will give to people interested in the project so it has to do the job :)

This is one of the first steps to start diffusing the concept of dibber a bit more widely to get inputs from people who think this project has a future. If you know anyone who might, please tell him about it and you can even tell me too !

Thanks in advance !

One of the problems dibber aims to solve

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